ADSR  Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release     Mid  Middle Range
    AM  Amplitude Modulation     Min  Minimum
    BPF  Band Pass Filter     Mix  Mixer
    Cf  Center Frequency  (Band Pass)     MMF  Multimode Filter (12 db)
    Clip  Clipping Level     Notch  Notch Filter
    Clk  Clock     P  Pitch
    db  Decibel     Pan  Panning
    EG  Envelope Generator     Pot  Potentiometer, Knob
    exp  Exponential     PW  Pulse Width 
    f  Frequency     Q  Resonance
    fc  Cut-off Frequency     QNT  Quantizer
    FFB  Fixed Filter Bank     Res  Resonance
    FM  Frequency Modulation     Rev  Reverberation
    FS  Frequency Shifter     RM  Ring Modulator
    HPF  High Pass Filter (24 db)     RVS  Random Voltage Source
    Hz  Hertz     S/H  Sample and Hold
    I  Inverter     Seq  Sequenzer
    Index  Degree of Attenuation     SL  Slew Limiter (Integrator)
    Ix  Index     SSM  Filter with SSM2044-Chip
    KB  Keyboard     Sym  Symmetrie
    LFO  Low Frequency Oscillator     t  Trigger, Gate
    lin  Linear     tc  rise / fall time of Slew Limiter
    LPF  Low Pass Filter (24 db)     V  Voltage
    M  Multiple     VCA  Voltage Controlled Amplifier
    Max  Maximum     WS   Wave Shaper