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 D o e p f e r    A - 100
  Connections:   Settings:
  A-110 (Sine) <=> A-120 (Audio In)
  A-120 (Audio Out) <=> A-121 (Audio In)
  A-121 (High) <=> A-131 (Audio In)
  A-118 (Random Output) <=> A-140 (Gate)
  A-140 (Output 1) <=> A-131 (CV1)
  A-140 (Output 2) <=> A-120 (CV1)
  A-145 (Sine) <=> A-121 (CV2)
  A-131 (Audio Out) <=> Amplifier
  A-110 (Range=-2, Tune=4)
  A-120 (Freq=0, Lev=10, Res=10)
  A-145 (Freq = 9, Range = L)
  A-121 (Freq=8, FCV2 = 5, Res=7.5)
  A-118 (Red=10, Rate=0, Level=10)
  A-140 (A=2, D=10, S=0, R=1, Range = M)
  A-130 Exp (Gain=0, In 1=10, Out=10)
 Change pitch and timbre with 
      A-110 Range-pot (frequency) and
      A-120 Freq-pot.
Josef Mueller 


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